Jukebox mode screen in Roon

I would really like to have a Jukebox mode in Roon, where songs I select could come up looking like a jukebox display. I would think then I could add a touch screen if I wanted. Just a way to potentially make my stereo more accessible to people unfamiliar with HIFI…

Moved to feature requests

@mark_kytta I’ve been thinking along a similar line: how do I make the act of browsing/selecting music more engaging when casual-listening … or when others are interacting with the music?

There are a couple use cases I’m leaning on roon for:

  • Engaged listening, with deliberate library curation
  • Casual listening: quickly getting to something good with minimal “touchpoints” (don’t want to fumble with device, have to make 1,000,000 decisions) and keeping it going.

The second one is what currently holds my attention: what is the best way for me, and others, to interact with music in this manner?

Possibile approaches

  • [simple, but clunky] Pre-curated list of albums/radio stations in standard roon UI, using ‘guest’ profile (or something that sandboxes the listener)
  • Make a webapp that exposes the above in a simplified interface … tap album to play, when it ends, system automatically queues up related one from playlist (listener still has to have a device to do this; dedicated kiosk-mode iPad?)
  • Something else entirely different …