Jump to now playing causes roon remote to crash and Roon remote startup takes me to my Queued music instead of home

Roon Core Machine

Roon version info:

Remote Computer info:

Roon Core Computer Info

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Wired Ethernet:
Cisco Catalyst 2975 network switch - Roon core connected to this switch
Dlink DGS-1024 Roon remote connected to this switch
Dlink DGS-1024 connected to Cisco Catalyst 2975

While I have WIFI, all connectivity is wired for this problem

Connected Audio Devices

PS Audio Perfect Wave Directstream DAC with Bridge II - Bridge II is how Roon Core is playing music to the DAC.
Direct Stream DAC connected via RCA Analog to Anthem AVM 60

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

After playing music for a while with Roon remote running, if I scroll forward by about 1 page or more of tracks in roon remote in my queue and then press the Jump to now button at the top of the queue list, the list of songs in the queue blanks out and after about a 1 - 2 second pause, Roon crashes

Second issue:
When I start roon remote from windows, the first screen that comes up is my queued music and there is no back button to take me back to the home screen. See the screenshot below. How do I fix this so that when roon first starts, the Home screen is the first screen? The problem seems to be that the history that roon is tracking has lost that the Roon home screen is the first screen in the history and has made the queue screen the first screen in the history that it tracks.

Hey @John_Fox,

Thank you for getting in touch, we’re sorry to hear that you’re having problems. In reviewing your system information it appears that your Roon Core is running on an underspeced processor. The Intel Xeon doesn’t meet the minimum specifications for Roon Core. You can find more information in this article from our Help Center:

Let’s try moving your Core to the remote and see if that approves things:

  • In Roon create a backup of your current Roon Core.

  • Go to Settings > General and choose Disconnect on the Mac (or PC)

  • Then choose This PC as the Core

  • Restore your Backup to your new Core

  • Use Roon on the new machine and see if your previous issue is resolved.

Please send us an update.

Hi @jamie

I often like to play music from the core server when the NUC is not powered on. Also, many times I will start roon playing using the NUC and then shut down the Roon program on the NUC to do other things on the PC. So your suggestion of restoring the roon database to the NUC didn’t seem like a good option to me. However, your suggestion did give me the following idea:

Make a special backup of the roon database, then immediately restore it. After doing this, the “root” screen when roon starts is once again the home screen, as it should be.

With respect to the jump to now playing causing roon to crash, I will need more time on that to see if I can get it to happen again.

Hey @John_Fox,

Thank you for the update. I’m glad to hear that things seem somewhat improved. We understand that migrating to your Remote machine may not be feasible for you long term.

Please understand that we simply want you to have a good experience. We see numerous cases of poor performance get resolved immediately upon migration to a recommended system. If possible please consider mounting Roon Server on a recommended platform. You’ll be much happier.

You can find more information on recommended specification for Roon Core/Server and Remotes here:

Hi @jamie,

I’m not dissatisfied with the performance that I’m getting now. After starting the music, I don’t really interact much with the software.

So far I haven’t been able to reproduce the crash situation despite trying to make it happen several time. In addition, after restoring the database, things seem snappier. Not sure if it will bog down over time, but if it does, I’ll try saving and restoring the database again then.

I will reserve final judgement on reproducing the crash until the weekend is over though.

Thanks for the help so far.

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Thank @John_Fox,

I’ll keep watch for any updates. I hope everything runs smoothly from here. :+1:t2:

Hi @jamie,

I have not been able to recreate the situation where roon was crashing when clicking on the jump to now playing button.

Thanks for the help.

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