Jumps in the alphabet slider for the album browser

When I the alphabet slider of the album browser, the little square readout by the slider shows 2C, AL, AN, MA, AN…
Later I get BA, BE, AM, BI, BL…
And similar random stuff.
The browser itself is ok, just the alphabet slider is wrong.

It’s not random. It’s giving you options on second letters of names I think. That’s how it works for me anyway Anders. If I touch the letters at the start of the slider, I can pick a starting letter, then I get options of second, then if I pick a second I get options on third etc

Sure but this sequence is random. MA inserted among the As, AM inserted among the Bs

Hi Anders, I can replicate this too on my system … JE, DA, JI … is one example.

@Mike one to note.

Hi Paul, this happens when sliding the slide rather than using the alphabet search tool.

Aah, got it