Just a couple of Ethernet x USB questions

From time to time I hear around here that it is better to connect your DAC to Roon via Ethernet instead of USB. However, I was never able to find a clear diagram, on the Roon KB, of how things should ideally be hooked up.

For instance, I have no idea if my Technics DAC/amp should be linked via Ethernet DIRECTLY TO the Roon core (Mac mini), or to the Orbi satellite only.

Another question: the Technics SU-G30 manual states that supported bit rates/frequencies via Ethernet (DLNA) are way lower when compared to USB-B - on the other hand, I am not even sure Roon uses DLNA. If not, do those lower rates still apply?

Will a Roon-tested DAC/amp still be recognized/identified by Roon when connected via Ethernet?

In the case of the SU-G30, it seems like Ethernet only lets it use AirPlay, with almost no configuration option…so there seems to be no advantage there whatsoever.


Roon does not support DLNA (Roon Labs hates DLNA).

Only if it supports one of Roon’s protocols in its network stack: RAAT, Airplay, Chromecast, etc. Roon-tested only means that Roon has been able to play some music on it through some channel. Roon-ready, on the other hand, means that Roon’s SDK has been integrated into the firmware of the device.

Tks - any thoughts on my other questions above, @Bill_Janssen ?

Hmmm, I think I addressed all the things with question marks after them. What else are you wondering?

The connection? I don’t think it matters as long as the Technics and the Core machine are both on the same LAN and the LAN connectivity is good.

If it can operate as a USB DAC then use your core to connect to it via USB over network as all you will get is basic Airplay which is not the best and won’t go above 44.1/16. For best results Roon does recommend you seperate the core from the audio kit by means of a seperate networked endpoint as not all USB implementations are good at reducing the possible noise that a computer generates and may put into your hifi system. You have a double edged sword as your device isn’t really capable of getting the best from Roon over the network with just Airplay. I would just use it and see how you get on there are no hard and fast rules.

If you want to decouple core from music playback chain as they recommend then your best getting a networked RAAT enabled endpoint that supports USB and connect that to the to the USB in the DAC/Amp. How much you want to spend is up to you here. But a small Raspberry Pi 4 and an SD card with any OS that supports Roon bridge will work and not cost much more than £60 all in.