Just about to switch off LMS - feature comparison

I’m just about to finally switch off my antiquated Logitech Media Server based system - squeezebox touch, transporter purchased 10+ years ago. I’ve been running them in parallel for a year now (same source files) and I love roon’s seamless integration with Qobuz. Maybe fractionally better sound but sceptical of that.

What I will miss is how LMS integrated with Bandcamp, and it occurred to me that there is no way on Roon to do similar as there are no third party plugins like bands camp out so we have to wait for Roon to agree licensing etc. wouldn’t it be great to link/steam from live phish, or Neil young archives through Roon front end?

Thinking further how would I do this. I guess via airplay from my phone app which cannot be high res. And would be wholly outside of my Roon ecosystem.

Bandcamp streams are only ever mp3 and max out at 128kbs anyway even via LMS you never had access to hires streams.

You need to use airplay or chromecast if on Android device to play these services. Blusound does have access to Neil Young Archives if that’s a thing you must have. But I doubt it will ever come to Roon. They offer an api but Roon needs more than that to work its only a small part of the integration. The service has to allow Roon to keep full data dumps of its database into Roon several times a week as Roon hosts its own copies of Streaming services databases, which allows it to do what it does. Others don’t do this they just use the api as it is and it’s far simpler to integrate. A service has to agree to this and build the infrastructure to deal with it. This is itself time and money it may not wish to spend.

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