Just added a Sonos Arc

Well that was easy to setup. Just bought one for the nearly completed garden room to accompany the TV and will be using it for Roon as well. No issues setting it up and sounds pretty decent for a non hifi product. Next task is to mount the thing it’d bloody heavier than I thought it would be.


Thanks for the feedback! I’m planning on getting an Arc for my upstairs TV room once they become available again in early November.

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Good news and now with 24/48 support as well.

With DTS coming later this year I’m seriously thinking about buying one as well.
Too many films and concerts with DTS has put me off before now.
But seriously thinking of replacing my beastly Onkyo 5.2.1 Atmos AV system

Only bad thing so far seems to be it only supports 2.4 GHz wireless. Worked fine during my testing though I’ll likely wire it up.

Not sure I’d replace my Arcam AVR with it , though if it performs well who knows. Looking at downsizing the front rooms tech , part of the reason for the new room so all the consoles go to it so might scale back as it’s old and doesnt support DD+ via arc which is a pain as it’s all streaming now and hardly make use of the other inputs.apart from plex.

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Based in the sounds from friends models I would have already bought one (and to clear up some of the living room tech) but not supporting DTS was a no go for me with my Plex library.
Only issue my 2018 LG Older only has ARC and not EARC for Atmos. That could quickly get expensive :see_no_evil:

I thought the new devices supported 5G networking now

Nope still only 2.4ghz. You only need eArc for Atmos off Blu-ray Arc will deal with steaming Atmos from Netlfix etc as they usesDD+. I don’t buy discs anymore so no need really for eArc. It has it but wont really get use.

Thanks for confirming, felt sure it had 5G when I saw the first reviews.
I have concerts with full uncompressed Atmos that’s what you need eArc for.
Also the Beatles Abbey road which sounds insane on Blu-ray (it also includes DTS, 5.1 mixes etc). I also have it in stereo 24/96 but the Blu-ray mix is just amazing.
Well I hope you enjoy it and the music sounds good as well

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Recently acquired one as well and have been testing it for the past few days. I used to have the Bluesound Soundbar 2i prior to that. Sold the latter as I felt it lacked bass and dynamics. The Arc works really well for TV / movies. It offers very strong bass performance and I would argue the sub is not needed. The ‘night mode’ setting has been a blessing actually as I live in a flat with thin walls. Music performance is … so so. Overall sound flavour feels a bit ‘edgy’ and occasionally bright. Trueplay tuning definitely helps but i still have to turn treble down by 4 clicks. Some music genres sound really good (EDM, Electronica) but others not so due to harshness in the upper midrange (e.g. Rock and some Indie). This harshness becomes pronounced with volume level above 50%.
Roon works well with the Arc.
The Bluesound soundbar was definitely more refined and less aggressive in the midrange / treble but it also had significatly less dynamics. The Arc is a very dynamic speaker system.
Undecided so far…

How do you find the music performance?

I only tested it briefly as it’s not installed in its true environment but it sounded competent didn’t sound bright but then I didnt push it. I don’t expect that much as it’s for TV mainly the added benefit of using with Roon is a bonus. Wont be able to make full judgement until the room is ready.

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Interested to hear how you find it once the room is ready. Did you previously own equivallent bluesound speakers?

Nope, never had any other speakers.

It went in the room yesterday on Sonus wall bracket. No furniture in yet but it’s a bit boomy, but likely the position it’s in. How do you run the auto room EQ on this as can’t see it in the Android app at all.

It is indeed a bit boomy but I found it can be adjusted (to an extent). Unfortuntely the trueplay equalisation only works through an iOS device (ipad, iphone). You can try the Bass / Treble manual eq but I found that this is not enough to improve the sound. I know it is not great but if you can borrow an iphone / ipad you will be able to adjust the sound to a greater extent.
I find that even after Trueplay I still get a boomy & bright sound profile. Treble at -4 and Bass at -5 improved things (on top of Trueplay).

Mrs Gipsy gas an iphone so will borrow that to try trueplay.

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All set up via Trueplay and for movies it’s pretty damned good no need for a sub at all. Not tries it with music yet, watching End Game with my boy. This new Samsung Q90 is awesome picture.


Very similar impression: Excellent with movies and no sub needed. In fact I keep the night mode on as I prefer to not annoy the neighbours. Interested to hear your impressions when you try music listening on the Arc.

If you only have a single sonos device playing then you can use Roon DSP.


Had to turn Trueplay off for music sounds too boomy. May have to run it again as its adding more bass than reducing it.

I had the same issue initially and ended up keeping the iphone near walls while running trueplay. This ‘tricked’ it in reducing bass a bit. Still boomy though so I ended up reducing bass by 5 clicks after trueplay.

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I’ve dropped it by 3 for now. It’s never going to be somewhere I sit and listen for long and is more for background so it’s not essential to sound it’s best more convenience than anything.

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