Just bought iBasso DX160

Oh well I caved in and got a good deal on iBasso DX160 with 128gb card for £329. Will arrive sometime next week. I am weak I swore I was done with gadgets.

Sure, sure.


He who has the best toys wins :star_struck:

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Hows the Fiio been since the Android app update?

No issues for me but I seldom use with Roon…Just wish it supported the full use of the DAC’s for Roon.

If we keep pushin, they might listen.

My pioneer xdp has been roonified

Still got the green dot though. How knows what’s happening.

Don’t care sounds good.

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Well this arrived today and will be returned. Not impressed. Very poor wireless performance and I mean very poor on ac 5ghz where my phone in same location gets 124mb/s this gets 10mb/s if I am lucky. As a result trying to dowload all my purchases from Qobuz to it its too painfull and prone to it dropping the download all togther, cant queue up a lot as it seems to loose them, perhaps not enough RAM. But it took over ten minutes for one album, in contrast on my phone is done in less than a minute. So offline playback needs to have a massive advanced period to prepare. Its laggy, prone to freezes, gets too hot when it doing other things than just playing audio, the screens too small to have the keyboard with big enough buttons to type properly, and the audio to me was not as good as using UAPP and my DragonFly, So my DAP adventures are over before they really got going. It might be a duff one but reading more feedback I see lots of users say the wireless is crap and causes interference. Not had that myself though.

Fiio M15 is coming out soon…maybe skip the M11/Pro if you were considering. maybe not yet able to do full hires butt its an amazing DAP range. M7/9 I think dont work with OpenGL3 - but I could be wrong

Too high in price for me. The others are running too old an os for me to invest, limited lifespan. I am getting a replacement to see if it’s a one off.

Well Roon does not run well on this, can’t play anything without your media is loading slow error and it stops and then freezes. Whilst I know the wireless is slow it can still play hires from Qobuz and upnp no issues. So something else going on here with Roon.