Just bought second squeezebox touch. Won't play 192 hi Rez files

I just bought a second squeezebox touch. Definitely not easy to hook up like my first on. My first one plays everything. I added the Edo update and works great. Second one doesn’t want to see roon network… Also I updated it to Edo but it won’t play 192 files. It plays everything else fine. Even 96/24. Is there a post on how to setup SB touch from scratch without lms server?

Hey @joe_viola – could you try factory resetting the device, then confirm what firmware version it’s running? (Settings -> Advanced -> About)

You must have a 7.8.x firmware version installed on your Touch in order to take advantage of EDO with Roon, so let me know if you’re not on the correct version and I can walk you through it.

yes its 7.7.3 how do i update further says current

If it says current, you must be running a LMS Server software version of 7.7.*
You need to update LMS to something equal to or greater than 7.8.* and then you’ll see the update option on your Touch.

Good Day @support

Having same issue.

Squeezebox touch os 7.8
Loaded EDO 0.9
Checked all correct
digital only

Roon running on mac mini 10.1.1

Rebooted mac and squeezebox several times

On Roon only showing up to 96hz not up to 192hz?

When you say “digital only”, IIRC, you need to select the USB output (with a USB DAC connected) as you won’t get 192 out of the coax SPDIF. But it has been a while since I set mine up.

Hi Joel

Thanks for the reply.

When set to analog and digital SPDIF only available up to 48 hz.

When on digital only SPDIF is up to 96 hz, but cannot get to output at 192 hz?

Are you saying SPDIF is limited to 96 but usb is up to 192?

Any help appreciated.


Hi Joel

Checked Usb out of SBT.

Correction Usb is at 192Hz.

Any hope for SPDIF?


With EDO applet a touch will produce 24/192 via coaxial spdif. At least it will with lms. Don’t know if roon somehow limits the coax???