Just can't get HQP to work - help! [Fixed]

Rather than continue to pollute someone else’s thread I’ll put a shout out for help here.

To summarise - My PC was connected via wifi to my network. I downloaded and installed HQP, just the demo version, set up it up so my headphones were the output via WASAPI, added HQP in Roon and popped in the IP address of my PC which was hosting HQP and all was good. Could play music through my headphones with HQP set as the endpoint. Lovely.

Then my new ethernet cable arrived so I plugged my PC into my router via wired ethernet, created a new HQP endpoint with the new IP address assigned as I was now wired and nothing. Roon just gave the error that it could not start HQP.

I’ve uninstalled HQP, messed around with IP settings, tried to set up Ropieee XL as well just for the shear frustration of it and nothing. I simply cannot get HQP to work anymore since moving to wired ethernet.

Before I give up on the whole thing and just continue as I was with Roon straight to Ropieee am I missing anything obvious?

When that happens to me a restart of Roon core can help. If not then kill power to your router. Sometimes routing tables need to be cleared.

I’ve killed everything several times. Oddly, I have gone back to running the PC over wifi and that seems to resolve some of the issues. So, it seems to be some issue running over ethernet - hmmm.

Can see this taking a bit of fiddling.

OK edging forward. Now have it working over wired ethernet to the HQP host PC. Now for some reason it plumb refuses to play via headphone out but does via the PC speakers. Ultimately though it is Ropieee I want working so will persevere!

Pleased to say I’ve got it working and my PC seems to handle up sampling to DSD512 as well. Must say I’m deeply impressed. A bit like with Roon really. Thought I’d give give it a go to see what all the fuss was about and can see me making the purchase.