Just downloaded Roon as a trial, says 'no network connection' [Resolved - Little Snitch Blocking Traffic]

I have twice downloaded Roon and restarted my Mac, to no avail.

When I start Roon I get the options to ‘Choose My Core’ and I select ‘Manage my Music Library’. It then asks me for username and password and I get ‘Network Error - please check your Internet connection’.

I’m on the following:


using a 1Gb SSD. Obviously I’m using the same Mac to post this so no connection issues whatsoever.

I can’t see an obvious FAQ for this alas…

For no reason other than it is worth trying, reboot?

Done twice (see above)

Sorry, misread. What user are you running as?

SOLVED - Got it. For future reference, it is because I am running Little Snitch network monitor / filter and it automatically detected that Roon and RAAT have not been signed by the developer (allegedly). I’m not certain I understand but if I disable Little Snitch I am OK to proceed and will tell it to trust Roon…

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