Just downloaded Roon but it will not open

Just downloaded Roon for OS X to a brand new (purchased yesterday) Mac mini, 2,8 GHZ, 8GB, 1TB fusion drive. Updated the Mac mini las night before trying to download Roon this morning.

The Room application downloads and shows as an Application in my Application folder. However, when I select Room to open the application,the Room Application does not respond.

I tried entering the recommended commands in the “terminal” application. But, Soon still does not open.


thanks. – Gabe


Did you download Roon or Roonserver

Are you opening the Roon application from within the dmg disk image?
This behavior sounds like it. If so, copy the Roon application to your Application folder and try to open it there.

If this happens when double clicking the Roon.dmg file: Check if really nothing has happened. .dmg files are very common to distribute software applications. They are disk images and when you open a dmg file a new volume should appear that contains the actual app.
So, check if there is an additional volume by clicking in the Finder on “Go to” (in the top menu bar) and select “Computer”.


Hi @gabriel_Hardy ---- Touching base with you to see if any progress has been made, with the insight/advice given by @Ratbert?

Please let us know of your progress by flagging “support” (i.e @support) in your follow up.

Many thanks!

Thank you for the response. I am trying to download Roon server. I have attempted to open the program from the application folder. Double click and right click and selecting “open”. I still do not see it opening ???

Roon Server runs “headless” meaning you’ll only see the Roon logo in the taskbar. In this case, Roon runs like a “server” in the background, and you’d need to setup your library and audio devices from the full app, which could run on another computer or tablet on your network.

If you want to run Roon on the Mac (with the full interface so you can setup your library, browse your music, etc), you probably want to install Roon, not Roon Server.

Let us know if that helps @gabriel_Hardy.