Just got my second licence system up and running

Just got my second licence system up and running and have been musing that 3 short years ago I mainly listened to CDs and now here I am in my office with my full CD collection available to me.

As luck would have it my office PC couldn’t run Roon so I got a NUC s/h.
I had planned to use my backup USB drive as the source of music but this doesn’t with with Win 10!

So what I thought would be simply getting a Bluesound Pulse Flex and utilising existing equipment has necessitated a NUC and USB drive purchase.

But the best value of the whole kit and caboodle is definitely Roon, “restoring from my home system” has given me all my tags and playlists.

Falling in love all over again…

Thanks Roon.



I’ve thought about buying a second license for the office but authorizing/de-authorizing every day hasn’t bugged me enough to do so. Would like to be able to sync play counts between both locations though.

Timewise using Roon at the office easily makes up the majority of my listening and having it there has been a great experience. Now i just need to decide on what to upgrade to for my desktop system.

kevin - did you just take a backup at one point in time or do you somehow keep changes in sync? Or do you consider one location to by your master?

Rob - I definitely consider my home location to be the master. Adding new albums, making edits, etc. are all done there. At work i have my library and latest backup stored on a portable USB drive. If i make any changes to the main library, I’ll take that home to re-sync it or if if forget just grab the files though the back up of my home NAS (which has my main library) via Amazon Cloud.

If i were running Roon at work on a dedicated PC as @Sloop_John_B is, I’d use Amazon Cloud drive and point the folder to the portable drive to keep them in sync.

I just have a Sonos Play:1 at work and pretty muchjust use Tidal and created a separate database on my laptop. When I am working it is background music, so just using the Sonos app is fine and I probably won’t go to the trouble of replicating anything, I was mainly curious.

EDIT: for me it would be great if Tidal playlists were editable from within Roon. So then I could keep plalylists in Roon and then play them on Tidal/Sonos when in my car (iphone tidal) or at work (tidal/sonos). But that’s a different story! I don’t see me being “Roon Only” any time soon.