Just got Oppo 203 (Roon Endpoint)...can't connect to my Linux Roon server? [Resolved]

Using the Ipad App for Oppo, I can see my RoonCore server (Ubuntu Server with Rooncore) but when I try to connect and put in the correct User and Password to logon to my Linux box (yes…I double checked :)) it says Invalid logon details.

Switching on the Linux Ubuntu Server/ Roon Server box I log on in Terminal window as normal, mount the music drive and teh music happens.
Using the same login details on the Oppo Ipad app to log on to the Linux box brings up the invalid logon error message.

Thinking it might be good to reinstall Linux from scratch then Roon…a Linux noob and got halfway installing Samba server and gave up.
Maybe I’ve messed up the connectivity somehow?

Any advice much appreciated, the Oppo 203 sounds great as a digital CD transport into my Dac, it can do higher bitrates than my Logitech Transporter endpoint so curious to know if its a better sounding Roon endpoint.

Thank You.

You said “Oppo Ipad app”, why are you using it?
ROON is what you want to use to make the oppo an endpoint.

If you want to use the 203 as an endpoint you should be able to go into ROON settings/audio in the networked devices section and enable it as a zone as long as the Oppo is on the same network.

You should be able to see the UDP-203 in Settings > Audio
and the second screen shot (Zones) when selecting the audio device.

An ipad is considered a remote for controlling Roon - you need to make sure the switch is toggled in Settings > Setup at the top of the page on your core machine

Thanks for the replies guys, just realised I’d had a total Brainfart! :slight_smile:

Oppo found inside Roon, solved the problem of my Linux install not accepting outside logins.
Dont actually care anymore, Roon works with the Oppo now.

Thank you.