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I just received back (2 days ago) from Roon my repaired (motherboard replaced with all updates), cannot get it to recognize my McIntosh C2700. I responded to the repair email from Roon about this, no answer. Frustrated beyond compare, hours now researching the site when a simple phone call would no doubt make it work. Still no joy!!!

Hi Thomas,

Fellow user here. Can you explain how you have the nucleus and C2700 hooked up, including Network information if connected via network.

Hello, thanks for responding. The Nucleus+ is hooked to the C2700 via USB cable, network hooked directly to the Nucleuis+. The network is working as the Roon is operating with my NAS and Tidel through my computers speakers, if selected. The zone in another room works with the satellite Sonos speakers if selected. It simply does not recognize the C2700, which it did prior to the Nucleus hardware problem. I tried various sequencing of connection and system start, no impact. I have logged off Roon completely and restart and logged in, no impact.

So, if I understand, Nucleus >USB>C2700. And this configuration, including the same cable was working prior.

I guess the first thing, I’d do, is switch to a basic 7 dollar Amazon USB cable, if the current cable is an expensive one.

Also, I would power the Nucleus and 2700 down. The order of power can be important, like in computers of old, where you needed to turn on the printer first. I would turn on the McIntosh first, so it is up and powered, and then turn on the Nucleus. USB connects can sometimes be a little finicky.

Unfortunately it is a USB-A to USB-B which I do not have a spare, so I’ll have to get one before I can try that.

Then just try powering everything off, and turning them back on in the sequence I suggested.

I did that in that order, no change. Also switched the USB to the second USB port on the Nucleus.

The typical USB-A to USB-B is used for computer printers, so I used the one off my printer which I know is working. Replacing the cable and going through the start sequence had no impact, still does not recognize the C2700

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Did you verify that the USB input on the C2700 still works (using another PC, laptop, …)?
Maybe that USB input got fried when the Nucleus+ died – or the other way around.

Thanks, its a thought. How would I check that?

Use a device you have control over instead of the Nucleus+, using the same USB cable to connect to the C2700. Use that to try and playback music to the C2700. Refer to your manual if necessary (pages 27 + 28 I think).

Great thanks, also just got off the phone with McIntosh labs who walked me through testing the port. I’ll update once the test is completed. Thanks again!

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