Just setup and want Roon to look for music files in 1 specific folder only

Roon Core Machine

macbook pro OS 10.11.6 from 2014

Networking Gear & Setup Details

I am using my local area network. I have no problem sending music to roon ready devices on this network.

Connected Audio Devices

Cambridge audio EVO 150.

Number of Tracks in Library

Not very many. I am trying to start over with uncompressed files.

Description of Issue

I am new to Roon. I created a specific folder where I want roon to look for my music files. However, Roon is finding music files from other folders that were not digitized properly.

I only want Roon to look at the one specific folder with uncompressed music. During the setup, I directed Roon to this folder.

Roon is picking up files from my old iTunes directory. My iTune music files are badly compressed and I do not want them in my Roon library.

Why do I see other albums?

Share a screenshot of roon, settings, storage

You may find this KB article helpful. Your default music folder may have been added. Also the iTunes article may help in disabling that feed.

As suggested by Brian above, is perhaps in Roon under Settings - Storage, the default ‘Music Folder’ still enabled? (perhaps in addition to the specific folder you want to be scanned, if you already added that to the list of storage folders)

If so, just disable it. And add the specific folder you are interested in if not already done so.

Then go to Settings - Library - Clean up library, tick all boxes and click the Clean up button to get rid of the superfluous database content created based on the other folders.

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Hi @Peter_Scheff, can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage?

problem solved, thanks!!

Hi @Peter_Scheff, could you confirm what the problem was and how it was solved?

Yes, problem solved, thanks.

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