Just sharing acoustic improvement opportunity

Was pleasently surprised about how the christmas tree improved the room acoustics. Most probably it served as a diffuser. After christmas ik wil be adding plants to my livingroom … easier to “sell” :wink:than acoustic panels or bass traps, foam, etc

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The Product of the Month award goes to…

Merry Christmas Roon Community!!


And a lot cheaper, too. :grinning: Merry Christmas!

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Funny thing is I found this too as it’s near the right speaker . Absorbs a bit of bass and stops reflections first reflections.

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Nothing special about that. Room treatment is much easier than people seem to think.

Plants, throw pillows, ottomans, coat racks, you name it… Even my wrought iron stair rail acts as a diffuser.

Still, it’s nice to see that a Christmas tree leads to discoveries.

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Or leave the tree up.


LOL :rofl: very funny

Like Frank Daman said, room treatment is a lot easier than most people asume. You really don’t have to buy studio absorbers, diffusors and bass traps. In fact, you don’t want to use these at home because they work too good. I work in studio’s with lot’s of room treatment and this is not an acoustic environment I would like to live in or play my music in at home.

When I look at a lot of the pictures in the ‘showing of your roon setup thread’ I often see speakers cramped against the wall or even cramped in corners with empty walls, hard floors and little to no furniture. That is about the very worst you can get acoustically.
Hang that wall with art, lay down some carpets, buy a bookshelf and store your books-records-administration or whatever on it. Get some plants, or anything that breaks soundwaves.
The best room to play your music in is a room where you can easily have a conversation with at least 4-6 people without going crazy from the acoustics, a room where you don’t get a instant hearing impairment when you accidantly drop a glass on the floor. If you don’t have such acoustics than it is time to stop investing in any new equiment, stop tweaking with cables and software and start investing in your acoustics. Dress that room, that’s all there is to it really. Room acoustics software only comes in next, it ain’t gonna solve terrible acoustics because it is not an anti-reverb system it only helps getting the last bit right