Just signed up with Roon and have no idea how to start to use it

How do I use Roon. I have no idea. I am lost.

Hello Michael, welcome to the forum. Like you, I am just a fellow user.
Have you read this?


Why did you sign up in the first place?

What are you looking for, what do you want to do. And, what is the end goal.


If you have Tidal or Qobuz, I would add those services first and go from there. Settings>Services

Hello, another fellow user here. A couple more questions, hopefully our attempts to help aren’t as overwhelming as the application seems to be!

What sort of computer have you downloaded Roon onto?
What do you currently use to listen to music?
Do you currently subscribe to either Tidal or Qobuz? If not, do you have a library of your own music files?

The knowledge base is certainly helpful, but I can understand not wanting to sit and read to try to get a piece of software working. A little more info about your situation and maybe we can get you up and listening to music. Makes the reading more enjoyable! :wink:

Thanks for the responses.
I am using a “Roon Ready” dCS Lina DAC.
I have downloaded the Roon app.
When I try to use it I am asked for an ip address.
Which address is that?

Roon has two main software components:

  1. Roon Core which is a computer used as a server for your music library from both local and streamed sources. This computer can be Windows or Mac based.

  2. Roon Client which which operates from a computer, tablet or smartphone to select music and send it to Roon Ready audio equipment.

The app on it’s own won’t be sufficient.

Btw-I am using a iPad as the. Controlerop

Have you set up a Roon Core?

Roon Server (what most people still refer to as Roon Core) needs to be installed on a computer running Windows, Linux, or, macOS. Your iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet, can then be used as a remote to control Roon once it’s running on the PC. With Roon only installed on the iPad, it will not function.