Just started a Qobuz trial. Any tips?

Been a Tidal user on and off for many years. Now I have gone to the Roon-side I thought I would give Qobuz a go.

I can see some Roonies have both streaming services but my thinking is more along the lines of only keeping one. While I will be comparing catalogue and sound I wondered if there were any other factors folks had found important in coming to a decision?

Oddly if Roon had Deezer HiFi integration I expect that would meet my needs as I preferred that over Tidal.

Any insights gratefully received.


I think ‘catalogue and sound’ covers the key issues, so that will be a personal opinion on your part.
All I can say is that I found Tidal deeply frustrating in the way it portrayed its catalogue. I find Qobuz clean, simple and organised.


I am very happy with Qobuz. Although I mostly now use it from Roon, the app itself is also worth using, in particular because it lets you download a fair amount for offline use - great for your phone or tablet when travelling,or if your internet is flakey. Their hires is just that; hi res. No contentious MQA chicanery. I suspect over 95% of my listening is from Qobuz; even when I listen to music I have a rip of, quite often Qobuz will have a higher res version.


I think it depends how you use it.
Qobuz really needs Roon at the front of it to add functionality.

If you use Mobile, CarPlay, My Mixes, Stations etc stick with Tidal.
Or also add Spotify or Apple Music for these functions.


For me, it was a matter of catalogue. I listen mostly to jazz and classical, and Qobuz had a deeper catalogue than TIDAL, to which I had subscribed previously. Initially, Qobuz missed about 15% of my TIDAL library, but over time that dropped to just a few albums as Qobuz ramped up its own catalogue.

I did not notice any difference in sound quality between MQA and Qobuz hi res, even though I have a pretty resolving system.


I switched to Qobuz from Tidal 2 weeks ago.

It’s true - Qobuz really does sound better.


Hi Dan

Did you find much of a difference in the catalogue? Not sure the 10m less in the library is that big a deal yet

Qobuz Tip:

Sometimes when one adds a new release from Qobuz to one’s Roon library a red “unavailable” will appear in the track listing. If this happens wait a day or two and then open to the “edit” album function and click on “Rescan album”. More often then not this will remove the red “unavailable” notation.


After initially dismissing Qobuz, I’m now ending a trial version of Tidal soon. Then after listening to the Qobuz founders on the “Audiostyle” podcast I’m changing my mind and I’m going to give Qobuz a try. I really liked the Qobuz team’s ethics when it comes to music and the artists.


Welcome to the club. I am sure you‘ll enjoy their great sound quality.


Well 13 days into the trial and haven’t found too many differences between Qobuz and Tidal catalogue-wise, at least for my tastes. Can’t say I’ve noticed much of a difference sound-wise either so at the moment it’s looking like I will be going from Tidal to Qobuz based on pricing.


Why are some of the qobuz hi res albums at an extremely low volume?

Thats news to me. They do put out the files as they have been mastered without further fiddling, so maybe you came across some albums that have just been mastered at a pretty low level?

I never noticed substantial differences apart from the usual few db’s up or down.

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My only observation is that both Qobuz and Tidal streams are louder than streaming the same FLAC files from my own server at the same volume levels. That might be part of the streaming company marketing approach? To be honest I am not really hearing any difference between 16/44 and 24/96.

In retrospect, I switched back to Tidal. Way too many of my favorite albums were missing in Qobuz.


Not found that issue at all so far. I wonder where the gaps are as both services claim c70m tracks now?

Most of the missing albums were Americana genre.