Just starting out, advice re: metadata (and maybe a few other things)

So, I am having significant problems getting metadata on imported files to work itself out . . . My current setup is that my files are wav’s with no embedded metadata, in a directory structure/filename convention that looks like the following:

Artist/Album/Artist - Album - Track Num - Track Name.wav

Roon appears to handle this case correctly only maybe 1 out of 15 releases. Any help would be appreciated . . . Thanks.

P.S.: I am going through a significant re-ripping effort right now, and so responses along the lines of “FLACs with embedded metadata would be handled much more reliably by Roon.” may point me in another direction, which I am totally fine with.

On a Mac, the free XLD ripper can transcode a folder containing WAV files into FLAC while looking up and inserting track tags from Musicbrainz (or, if the album is not on Musicbrainz, from a Discogs URL.)

I knew about the transcoding, but not about the Discogs use; thanks for the heads up.

It seems that using a taggable format is best for Roon, but I’m probably not unique in that I can’t go 100% FLAC or AIFF, and it seems that if I store them both in the same directory, Roon will import them both. It seems like the format wars and the desire for generality an ease of use are all bumping into one another . . . That’s probably best asked elsewhere.

Thanks for the help.

I’d create two parallel folder trees, one for your original WAV library, the other for FLAC, and point Roon to the root of the FLAC tree. For example, all my music is on a NAS share called “music”, with a folder called “FLAC”, which I added the storage folder in the Settings>Storage tab:


Yeah, that’s what I seem to be converging to . . . Problem is, there will likely be music that I will never have original sources for (think bootleg recordings of Berghain sets). So, in a significant sense, one can imagine three directory structures: one AIFF/one FLAC (which are mirrors, content-wise, and represent the items for which I do have original source), and a, say, MP3 directory, for which I do not have original source. Then, iTunes points to (AIFF+MP3), and Roon (among others) points to (FLAC+MP3).

Fucking complicated, but I don’t see any way around it . . . Thoughts?

I’m afraid I don’t have any better ideas…

Thanks for the help. :+1:

Hello Neil,

I would say about about 90% of my collection is WAV and I am not not having any issues with metdata.

My structure is a little different from yours though.

Artist - Folder
Album - Folder
01 - Artists Name - Name of Song.wav
02 - Artists Name - Name of Song.wav
03 - Artists Name - Name of Song.wav

Also I have some folders like

Artist - Folder
Album - Folder
01 - Name of Song.wav
02 - Name of Song.wav
03 - Name of Song.wav

and so on. Some songs are setup as 1 - Artists Name…, some 01 - Artists Name … and some are 001 - Artist Name… with regard to numbering and that part does not make a difference.

I have no problems finding the associated metadata through Roon or any other programs I use.

Now Roon does have issues with Classical music and what I understand with that the format is not a issue but the way Classical is setup.

Hope this helps,