Just updated and add folder does not work

Can’t locate the primary music folder’s location nor can we add any folders do not use a NAS

We were using Roon Core on an Innous with the remote running on a separate computer that separate computer has a USB hard drive with the music library

Previously we could address those files by adding them to the folder we can’t see any folder locations

when you go to add a new folder you get a blank white screen.


I am on site right now this is urgent

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the drag to desltop is importing the flies with the wrong cover art.

Have you power cycled the Innuos, to do that power off at the front and when the lights go out power off at the back then WAIT TEN MINUTES, power on at the back, WAIT 5 minutes, power on at the front.

previously these files where in the system now they are not.

One major request please create an undo and a restore or roll back feature

Hi @David_Baxt ---- Thank you for the report and sharing this observation you have made with us. The feedback is appreciated and sorry to hear of the troubles.

A few things moving forward…

  1. Based on your report, it sounds like you had a network share setup between the INNOUS device (i.e the Roon core) and the mentioned computer with the USB HD attached, is this indeed the case? If this is correct, are you able to reach the Innous from the other device across the network outside of Roon?

  2. Please provide the make and model of the of the “separate computer” mentioned in your post.

  3. Just out of curiosity, have you tried mounting the USB HD directly to the Innous? If I am not mistaken the device has a USB input for external storage, no? Please do forgive me if I am wrong about this :innocent:

    • The reason for my asking is because if there was a network share setup between these devices the “separate computer” with the USB HD would need to remain in an active state to retain that link. If that machine goes offline, so does the share and thus would not be accessible by the application.

I just ran a quick test with my setup here and had no issues setting up a network share between a MacBook Air and my test NUC/wROCK (B333). Also you mentioned the following:

“One major request please create an undo and a restore or roll back feature”

Roon offers the user the ability to create and restore from backups.


The current Innous only allows you to import only or backup only, The current library on the USB hard drive is 1.8 the internal drive is only 1TB.

The other computer is a Dell Opticon which was used only as a remote. The Dell Opticon has the Seagate backup drive connected to it.

And previously we were able to “add a folder” was no problem. I have never seen this before.

The Innous can be reached via the network share from the computer, however is is not showing up, there was a proto call the Innous guys had me type on the network tab from the computer to easily see the Innous.

The Innuous only runs Linux.

These files were previously being seen now they are not and nothing has changed.

Just a shot in the dark here, but is the Dell Opticon running the latest version of Windows 10? If so, the problem could be caused by the fact that Windows 10 removes support for the SMBv1 network protocol after a while. See this post:

Geoff’s response is spot on. My post that he linked to was the result of me having the same problem with my Innuous device. Follow the link in the post to the solution which takes about 5 minutes to resolve.

For the record though, the problems can affect all versions of Windows.

Hi @David_Baxt ----- Thank you for getting in touch and providing the requested feedback. Having the additional insight is very appreciated and my apologies for the delay.

I wanted to reach out to see if any new observations or progress has been made here based on the advice offered in both @Geoff_Coupe’s and @PixelPopper’s posts. Let me know and if further assistance is required a support staff member will be glad to lend a hand.