Just want combined streaming search


I’m new to Roon. I no longer have a music library - I’m only interested in streaming Hi-Res audio.

I currently have Tidal, Qobuz, IDAGIO and Primephonic (I may prune these at some point).

I’d like to be able to search all streaming services at once to see which has something available, and which has the highest fidelity recording.

I understand Primephonic is coming this year and Tidal and Qobuz are already integrated. As I don’t have my own files and may want to search when out of the house - does Roon help me? Can I do this without a Roon server at home?

If I get a Roon server can I use it when out of the house? Are there any cloud based Roon options?

If not are there any other ways to do the above? All suggestions welcome - sorry for noob questions.


Primephonic don’t hold your breath.

Idagio not even mentioned.

You can only use roon at home, some have got round this with tinkering using vpns etc, there is no mobile client.
You could use your roon server as s laptop and WiFi out if the house.
No cloud based solution.

Great thanks for the info.

I could setup a server on a PC, seems like huge overkill for what I need though, specially as I’d only use it at 1 desk, don’t have a library and only need it to search multiple streaming services at one time.

Any idea of any other ways to do that / other services?


LMS will do it if you use certain apps to control it…on Android that’s Orange Squeeze and maybe iPeng on iOs. It used to search all services. It’s just a bit old hat but might suit your needs. Other than that any of the others such as Amarra or AudioVarna will work in same way. None of those mentioned come near to how Roon works combining all your streaming services into your own library.

Interesting options. Really I’m just looking for a streaming search aggregator that doesn’t need a program running on a computer somewhere as I don’t have any of my own files.

Amarra and AudioVarna support Qobuz and Tidal which is cool though not Idagio, Primephonic or Amazon Music HD.

I guess what I wan’t doesn’t exist, though it’ll be interesting to see where we are in a year or two.

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