Just wondering. BBC Radio 6 Music - dropping off at least twice a day

We listen to the rather excellent BBC Radio 6 Music in the workshop here everyday.
It’s streams have rather thinned out over the years since aunty beebs policy of trying to force everyone over to iplayer/bbc sounds. (Now on AAC 48kHz 24Bit 2Ch).

Does anyone else have their stream, without fault, drop off at least twice a day, and require a prod of the play button again. We’re on a fat (ish) pipe here - at least 70Mbps over LAN. Nowt bandwidth or process hogging going on at the same time. Haven’t done any timings - will do that next week. But without fail twice a day it’ll just stop.


It appears to drop every day at 11.22am GMT - Checked, nothing happening on the network or server at that time… Then again about 15.23pm GMT.

How odd… Colour me confused. Almost like the stream has a timer on it !!

Ok, I missed the 11.22 case, but I’ll endeavour to listen at 15.23. I assume it’s the default 320k stream?

What happens if you are listening to another station at those times?

Must admit - haven’t tried listening to owt else yet, might be related to when it gets switched on in the morning - around 8.55am just to add another possible ingredient into the diagnosis mixing cauldron.

I’ll connect it to KEXP - the other workshop favourite tomorrow, to see if it shows similar behaviour.

Might grab a Nucleus and a Nucleus+ off the shelf to see if they do the same thing as this is a ROCK - that has been rock solid since I knocked it up a couple of years ago.

And boom. 15.23 in the afternoon again. Weird !!! Will try another station tomorrow and set up a Nucleus on my test bench.

Nope. Not for me. Some interference is knocking your endpoint.

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BBC Radio 6 has been very stable recently according to the logs of my metadata server, at least on the MP3 128kbps stream

Steady service this morning on BBC Radio 6 MP3 128kbps, no dropouts.

I’ll try switching to that stream to see if it makes any difference. Thanks !

Interestingly I can’t get the 128K MP3 stream to play at all !

WOrks perfectly for me… Something funny on your side is happening. Some DNS related issues?
Can you play the 127kbps stream?

Both MP3 BBC 6 streams OK for me.

Changed to the 127kbps MP3 stream, same again drops at the two times, has to be something on our network.

I’ll change to another station on the other side of the globe to see if that makes any difference. Proper odd one !!

I confirm the problem is on “your side”. I can see a user connected to BBC Radio 6 on the 127kbps server for the last 9 hours, without any interruption.

Have changed to Google DNS - well our IT guys did - that was my next step after trying a completely different stream today - but they’ve jumped the gun for me :wink: :wink:

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… and results just in, we have passed the witching hour without incident - gotta be DNS then :wink: Thanks all. @dylan FYI - please ignore my email !

Spoke too soon, dropped off around midday and again at 15.23hrs… Back to the drawing board. Next step to take the box home I reckon and try it on my home network…

OK, freakin me out now !!

Various stations show they are starting - e.g. the “Now Playing” message pops up, the playback controls show a “stop icon” on the transport control bar at the bottom of the page, but they are not playing and stick at 0:00 on the counter with no playback.

Some examples below. 1st One shows Radio 6 working. Rest = random stations not starting. Selecting these on another streamer on the same network - e.g. KEXP on my Pro-Ject Stream Box DS - playback fine. We are on a static IP using google DNS.


Hi @David_Brown ,

This suggests that the issue is device specific since the other player works fine.

Does the issue occur on the other Pro-Ject at the same time? Does your IP address lease by any chance expire at that time?