JustBoom Digi HAT problems

(NicodemPL) #1

I have added Digi HAT to my configuration (Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus Rev 1.3).
Trying connection via coax - several cables from cheapest ones up to dedicated to digital signals interconnectors for 200$ (rented from friend). And always my signal is broken - works for couple of seconds then breaks.
As receiver - RMA ADI2-DAC FS. Shows “sync” on signal, then goes into “locked”.
I tried to change settings in Roon for sync delay, clock priority etc - no change.
Turned off USB, turned on back - no change.
Updated to newest version of Ropiee today, even upgraded to XL. No change.

Any ideas?

(Mr Fix It ) #2

Maybe a faulty hat?

(Harry ten Berge) #3

upgrading to XL has nothing to do with HAT support, so that’s not necessary.

Can you send me feedback?

(NicodemPL) #4

Sure, what do you need?

(NicodemPL) #5

Also thinked about this as I have not seen anybody who has similar problems.
Ordered new online and will check this at Wednesday.

(Nathan Wilkes) #6

Go to the Advanced tab on the web gui and submit feedback. Copy the ID and re-post here.

(NicodemPL) #7


sent out just when I got problems with dropping.
I have changed to new HAT and now its better - dropping only at 192khz. 96/24 works great now.

(NicodemPL) #8

Another (supposed to be better!) cable and got no sync at all: