JustBoom Digi HAT problems

I have added Digi HAT to my configuration (Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus Rev 1.3).
Trying connection via coax - several cables from cheapest ones up to dedicated to digital signals interconnectors for 200$ (rented from friend). And always my signal is broken - works for couple of seconds then breaks.
As receiver - RMA ADI2-DAC FS. Shows “sync” on signal, then goes into “locked”.
I tried to change settings in Roon for sync delay, clock priority etc - no change.
Turned off USB, turned on back - no change.
Updated to newest version of Ropiee today, even upgraded to XL. No change.

Any ideas?

Maybe a faulty hat?

upgrading to XL has nothing to do with HAT support, so that’s not necessary.

Can you send me feedback?

Sure, what do you need?

Also thinked about this as I have not seen anybody who has similar problems.
Ordered new online and will check this at Wednesday.

Go to the Advanced tab on the web gui and submit feedback. Copy the ID and re-post here.


sent out just when I got problems with dropping.
I have changed to new HAT and now its better - dropping only at 192khz. 96/24 works great now.

Another (supposed to be better!) cable and got no sync at all: