JustBoom voucher?

I’ve just purchased a JustBoom DAC HAT which came with a Roon voucher. Is this voucher only usable for a new membership or can I apply it to my current Roon subscription?

Normally it’s just a trial with perhaps some extended validity to maybe 30 or 60 days

Why not give it to a friend

Thanks @wizardofoz. That was my assumption but thought I’d check, just in case.

Hey @Jan_Wem, I wanted to hop in and echo @wizardofoz – the voucher is only valid for new customers. If you’re currently in a free trial you can still visit roonlabs.com/coupon to apply it to your account, but it can’t be used to extend an existing subscription. Hope this clears things up!

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Thanks @kevin.
If anyone in the Roon community is interested in this voucher, send me a pm.

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