Kanji Characters! - My Fair Lady (Original Soundtrack)


an interesting problem, with a recent CD FLAC rip (dbpoweramp) of My Fair Lady OST. As you can see below, all the track titles are in Kanji/Korean looking characters. The rip replaced an old AAC format rip I’d had since iTunes days (of the same CD), which displayed in Roon in exactly the same way. I presumed there was something wrong with the original rip, but no, the new one is displaying the same. Metadata in the files is all good and in english so I presume this is a metadata lookup issue?
CD number is SMK 66711on Sony Music.

After you deleted the original rip, did you clean the library?
If not then Roon would have retained the metadata (just in case the files come back) and it’s possible that it’s still using it for the new import.

Checking the import date would be a good indicator if this is happing.

So if you’re up to it try this:

  • Move the new files out of the watched folder to a save place.
  • Settings --> Library --> Library clean up.
  • Then move the files back.

Hi Carl,

yes, library is always cleaned after deleting files. I was doing a duplicate hunt at the time, deleting older AAC and mp3 files that have been replaced by FLAC rips. Have just updated to release 262 and after a complete library rescan things are still the same.

This is the CD on Discogs:

I will try the procedure you suggested but I have just had a bad experience doing that with another album I deleted: Roon still showed it in the library (after several rescans and library cleans), but could not of course play it (error message ‘not in your library’ or similar). It was only when I updated to 262 just now that this disappeared from the library. Something buggy going on in this area I feel.

@Anthony_Bates Hi Tony, it looks like, for some unknown reason (which will probably be down to some piece of metadata in your file tags), you’ve picked up a foreign edition of the album. May I suggest re-identifying the album and selecting a different version of the metadata? Apologies for the inconvenience.

Hi Joel,

thanks, thought I would try your suggestion first as it is quicker to try out. The Kanji character version is the first of nine versions that Roon picks up (and must have matched to on import). Several of the other versions match OK, so all is fixed now. Thank you to yourself and Carl for the quick response.