Keces P8 15V 4A is suitable for powering Nucleus?


I have a Keces P8 15V linear power supply, will it be suitable for powering a Nucleus?



I think so

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Get the 19V version instead. Even its product web page lists 19V for NUC.

I don’t really understand. I must be sure.

The website says that the Nucleus has a power supply from 12 to 19V. On the back of the Nucleus it says 19V. I have a Keces P8 which can power a 15V device.

Please see the link. At the very bottom it says:


12-19V DC, 2.5mm ID, 5.5mm OD, 11mm L

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If you already have the 15V LPS you may try it and see if it’s stable enough for you.

For those who want to buy a new power supply for NUC or Nucleus, I would advise against anything other than 19V. It is an especially bad idea to use 12V LPS due to voltage drop.

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I don’t want to destroy anything. There is no joke about the voltage. That’s why I have to make sure before buying a Nucleus.

Anyone tried to connect LPS with a lower voltage than 19V to the nucleus?

The nucleus is specced for max 65W. Your Keces P8 can provide at most 60W (15*4). So under maximum load it won’t be enough. That being said, depending on your usage, the nucleus may very well never hit the maximum 65W. It depends on various factors, such as whether your powering anything via the USB outputs such as an external drive. I don’t think there’s any harm in just trying it. Unless there’s a design fault, the nucleus will simply do an improper shutdown.

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I ran a nuc 7i3 for a year or more on an adjustable 15v LPs that I had cranked to it’s maximum of 16.5v. ( I don’t remember it’s amp rating at that voltage).
Never an issue.

It’s worth trying the Keces, it can’t hurt anything.

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