Keep a music collection's (offline) list

hhhhmmmm… reading this thread… what about Roon keeping a list of one’s music collection?

has to be accessible somehow even when no files/storage can be found
(at the moment Roon just doesn’t show unavailable albums)

You can Export a catalog of your Roon library to a spreadsheet.

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hhhhhmmmm… this is what I got by exporting to Excel (Album view, Select all):


yes: I’m using Apple Numbers but… it usually does a very good job opening Excel files :neutral_face:

Install LibreOffice and open it with that. Works fine on a Mac.

The key point in that thread is to take OFFLINE backups. I used to do this until recently but have been backing up to NAS this year.

I suffered a lightning strike 2 years ago. It blew up my TV, router and AV amp. NAS was unharmed, but is fed from a UPS, so may have had some protection due to that.

and (or at least) have a list of all your music files :wink:

Apple Numbers can’t deal with the XML-formatted Excel file produced by Roon. It’s been noted before in the forum.

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so… hope Roon comes out with a more compatible format as… I’m not going to buy/install yet-another-app in order to open just that file :roll_eyes:

asked a friend to open that Excel alien and save it as csv: opens just fine (using Apple Numbers) on my Mac

so… @support please do change Roon’s export files format

You have a workaround, and I think that the Roon developers have bigger fish to fry…

I’m sure they have bigger fishes, though I’m not in a hurry and… I just can’t believe a strictly proprietary format is the only way they can go

we’re back to the (early) '90s with this Microsoft vs Rest of the World thing :roll_eyes:

As Danny says - it’s an XML file - and that’s not proprietary, you can’t get much more open than that. You can open it with a text editor if you wish.

Apple Numbers just can’t deal with it…

“csv” is the standard cross-platform/cross-apps format and it just works
can’t see why XLM has to be used and what it can handle better than csv does (apart… maybe formatting?)

oh, and… no: those files are Excel’s XLMs :roll_eyes:
(as Danny says they only open consistently, on different platforms, in Excel)


Exactly, formatting.

so one has to buy Excel (actually the whole Office suite) just to open one file? :roll_eyes:

formatting can easily be adjusted in user’s app of choice :wink:

No, as already mentioned, just install LibreOffice, it costs nothing.

Microsoft switching from their binary format to XML was precisely to open up the proprietary world to the rest of the world, related to government pressures, especially EU, as I recall.

In this case it is Apple not playing ball. Apple is the Microsoft of the 90s.

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