Keep losing connection to Roon Rock both short and long term

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

OS Version 1.0 (build 175) stable
ROON Version 1.6 (build 416) stable
NUC NUC6I7KYK. with 2* 256 GB M.2 disc, 8 GB RAM.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Switch D-link 1008D
Router Cisco RV 320

Wifi: Cisco WAP131 and Linksys Mesh, same error on tablets

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
DAC1, QUAD Atera play+ via USB
DAC2, Marantz AV8805 via HDMI

Description Of Issue

The system works fine at first, everything, but then after a while, the remotes starts dropping out and lose connection to Roon.

It can be temporary or it can be long periods and finally, I can’t even connect to the WEB UI for the Rock either.
The only thing that helps is a hardware restart, then it comes up right away.

When it’s operational, I can play on all Music devices connected, and I can use the Windows ROON App and the remote android app. until it fails again.
It can work for 5 minutes before it drops out or it can work fine for several hours.

I only use Ethernet for the whole system (except for the android remote app, using WIFI on another cisco AP)
Everything is connected to the same switch, and from there to the cisco router.

I have updated BIOS on the NUC and set up the bios as instructed, with no problems.
The windows PC with the Roon software (control app and audio gateway) is on a similar INTEL NUC, and connected to the DAC via USB.
It continues to work locally and can play other sources, even when the connection to Roon is lost.
QUAD USB Drivers installed and working when playing directly from windows.
Network Connection to the Marantz AC8805 that ROON finds also works fine.

It’s independent of the location of the files being played, and whether I’m playing any music at all.
I’m, not having other issues in the network at all.

I have checked the forum and didn’t find any similar issues.
Any suggestions?

Hi @Hans_Hvidbjerg_Hanse,

Welcome to the forum! Since you are not able to access the WebUI, this leads me to beleive it could be a networking issue somewhere along the line. How have you configured the ROCK to get it’s IP address, is it using DHCP? I wonder if perhaps the router’s DHCP lease is expiring when you notice this issue and it’s failing to get a new IP address. Do you notice the ROCK still have a valid IP in the router software?

Thanks !
It’s only in the end after long time with this failure that it can happen that the WebUI also fails.
While at first when the normal connection fails, most often the webui continues working and I can often restart the Rock from there and it comes online again.
Else, the connection can come back by itself and disappear within 5 minutes or 2 hours.

Yes, I use DHCP, and leases are longer it’s 7 days, and will get renewed without incidents.
It runs in a MS domain with DHCP/DNS etc, everything is set up how it should, and all other units have no networking problems.

best regards

Hello @Hans_Hvidbjerg_Hanse,

Thanks for letting me know that info. Lets proceed as follows:

  • When the issue next occurs, please note the exact local time + date in your country (e.g. 12:18PM on 8/27/19) and let me know this info

  • Then, while the issue is occurring, bypass the network switch and connect the ROCK core directly to the router, without rebooting ROCK from the WebUI - this is to see if you are able to access it with the router connection.

Can you please give this test a try and let me know how it goes?

The first part is easy, but the second part not possible directly - as the router is on another floor in the building, so to connect to that directly I would have to bring the rock offline anyway.
However I could move the rock to the router’s location and see if it changes anything.

Will try both just in case.

Well, the strangest things happened.
After the last post, nothing have happened, not even once !
After 2 months with frequent issues it decided to play it nice finally.

Hardly any changes were made, no SW or system changes.

The only change from my side were a cleanup of some files that didn’t belong in the music repositories. Just guessing here, though the file extensions on those were most likely not related to audio files and should have been ignored.

Otherwise the rock finally stopped post processing of files and went back at servicing the gateway full time. All basic files were already indexed and showed on in the list, but I wonder if the subsequent processing could make the rock unresponsive at times. the processing speed is set to automatic, changed from the default 1 core out of 8.

Unless something happens again, Let’s say this post is closed.

Thanks for the assistance.

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Hi @Hans_Hvidbjerg_Hanse,

Thanks for the update here and glad to hear that this issue has subsided. I will go ahead and close this thread as requested, if you have any further difficulties please do feel free to reach out once more!

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