Keep NAS albums in library but display as offline?

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere (I’m sure I’ve come across it but can’t find it).

I’ve added a second watched folder on a NAS, for my lesser listened to material (that local SSD of main library’s getting a bit full).

All worked OK after enabling SMB on my NAS and rearranging shares to accommodate :wink:

But I don’t leave the NAS on 24/7 as its a backup drive, so when I turn it off, all the albums disappear from my library. Is there anyway to keep them but mark as offline?

It also goes through a process of pulling them all in again when I turn the NAS on.

When RoonSpeakers arrives i plan to extend my mini’s storage with USB attached drives, so it’s not a long term issue.

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I’m guessing not as this has been moved to feature requests :wink:

Would definitely be nice.