Keep Roon alive on iPad

Every time I close the lid of the iPad Roon disconnects from the wifi network.
Jplay for Jriver keeps the connection alive, is this possible to implement in Roon?

Also if the iPad is used as a remote then Roon on the server does not display what is played at that moment. In other words: the synchronisation does not work. This should be fixed.

I haven’t used Jplay myself, but as far as I know, this is just how iOS works. When your iPad is asleep, iOS shuts down these network connections, and they have to be reestablished when the iPad wakes up.

Their UI may be displayed without an active connection or while the connection is being reestablished, but I’m guessing nothing actually works until it’s connected, and unfortunately, Roon isn’t able to display the interface without a connection.

Can you explain a bit more about what you’re expecting here?

Keep in mind that many people have Roon setup with multiple zones around the house, and an iPad or laptop may be carried from room to room, controlling different zones at different times. It’s going to be difficult (and possibly confusing/infuriating to the user) to try to predict which zone they want to control.

To overcome this problem I sometimes use Splashtop as a remote. I use only one zone: the streamer and my loudspeakers. The ipad is merely a remote, so in my opinion it should be possible to use Roon on the ipad as areal remote which synchronises with the server if only one zone is used.