Keep Roon on Lock screen

Hello there

On my iPad Pro, when I pause the music, Roon stays on the Lock Screen. But when I go away for a few minutes, it disappears!

How can I avoid this behaviour and keep Roon on? Is there a widget?

Do you have the Keep Awake option set to yes?

From the IPAD remote go to Settings then Setup. The option is there.

Hi @Mike_LC

The option is activated. I use a smart folio case on the iPad, maybe it’s not compatible?

Anyone at @support can help?

No one? 10 characters

What is the age of the IPAD Pro and what version of IOS are your running. It should not make a difference but I’m curious.

My IPAD Pro 12.9 3rd gen with IPAD0S 16.7.2. That keep awake option has always worked for me.

Thanks Mike for your reply.

My iPad Pro is an M2, bought last month with iOS 17.1.1

Love the idea of the m2 12.9 but that’s for another day. I have version 17 pending on my 3rd gen but now I’m hesitant to let it install. Getting ready for 20 guests for Thanksgiving.

I’ll let it install after Thanksgiving and see if the keep awake options breaks.

Maybe someone else in the community already knows the answer.

No worries! Enjoy your Thanksgiving! I am still waiting for Support but looks like they are not available.

Lock Screen controls have long been, and still are, considered a “beta” feature.

Did they ever fix the volume issues with it?

I don’t understand the point of shipping a beta feature and leave it like that for a year. I understand there are other priorities but the lack of support is really not a great experience.

Looks like the latest update fixed the issue. I couldn’t find anything in the release note about it. Anyway I will monitor for a few days to confirm.

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