Keep roonserver icon around when quitting

Suggest that for OS X that the menubar icon not disappear if one wishes to quit/restart Roon Server. Just leave the icon there with a start option.

Also, for the remote installs, (sorry if I’ve missed it) it might be useful for there to be a way to verify that indeed the user is connecting to a Roon Server instance and not something else lying around. Since we’re just dealing with a Roon folder and Roon Server folder. If there’s a remote instance installed on the same cpu as the Server one will have both folders, so can’t visually be certain that one is not connecting to some errant Roon Core install as opposed to the desired Server instance.

Maybe a stop (pause) and restart option in the dropdown.
I moved the Roonserver app to the Dock which solves it as well: always visible to launch it again.