Keep Screen Awake + While Plugged In

For iPad users. How about adding “While Plugged In” option the the keep screen awake setting.

That makes sense. Without a power supply, keeping the screen on would deplete the battery pretty fast.

Or you can just use the feature as it is and remember to press the standby button when you put away the ipad

Sounds like that feature should be an Apple request?

Are you using the Keep Screen Awake in the Roon settings? That works well for me. Only keeps the screen awake when Roon is in the foreground. The screen does go to sleep when I flip Roon to the background.

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Yes, I’m using the “Keep Screen Awake” option in settings. I was just suggesting, another toggle perhaps, that would allow users to keep the screen awake only when the iPad in plugged in. This would help me preserve the battery if say I leave the room and forgot to power down or put ROON in the background.