Keep two copies of my music files in sync


I am running a NUC i7 with ROCK and 2TB of internal disk. Rather than just having a back-up of my Music DB which I restore in the event of a failure I would like to have a second copy on a NAS.

Is there any way I can set this up so that I download or rip new music to the ROCK and then it automatically copies to the NAS so that the two versions stay in sync?

Happy to accept some time delay in terms of the NAS being updated.

I believe Carbon Copy Clone will do that. Not automagically, but on a timer.

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Other than the NUC all my other machines are Windows so keen for any recommendations you or others may have re Windows cloning software

In which case, you might want to read this thread…

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Robocopy in Windows.

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I’m using Allway Sync Pro for all my synchronization tasks. Fast and reliable

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SyncBack Pro can be set on a schedule to sync 2 sources as well


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I believe the SyncBack Free version can also do this if it is done from a workstation and not a server.


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Another vote for Robocopy - I use a slightly different workflow though - download to my desktop, then use Robocopy to sync out to both a NAS and ROCK. That way, the desktop copy is also covered by Crashplan, giving me local and remote backups. Plus I can point my Bluesound devices at the NAS copy, giving some redundancy in the event of any Roon issues, and the script I use also forces a reindex on Bluesound devices.

Happy to share the Robocopy ‘voodoo’ if it’s of any help.

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Freefilesync …as the name suggests is free.

Very easy to use and set up as a scheduled task in windows.

I use it to sync NUC to NAS and between NAS1 and NAS2

I use Resilio Sync. It’s real time sync. Setup once and forget. The free version would do what you need and it works on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

I suggest thinking carefully about whether you really want a “sync” feature.
It depends on the scenarios.
For example, I got a Synology NAS that I wanted to use for backup of my main PC.
It doesn’t offer a backup, but it has a sync function. When I set it up, it offered two options.
If a file is deleted from the PC, do you want it to be automatically…

  1. …deleted from the NAS? NOOOO, then I can’t free up space on the PC by removing less frequently used stuff while keeping it safe on the NAS. And worse, the NAS would not protect against accidental, fumble-finger delete, the backup copy would be lost too.
  2. …restored from the NAS? NOOOO, then I can’t free up space on the PC by removing less frequently used stuff.

Sync is not backup. Sync is good in some cases.

And Windows backup feature has been dumbed down enough to be useless, for my configuration.

So I use robocopy.

Totally agree that sync software is not a substitute for a backup. But the great thing with Resilio is that it won’t delete a file on the remote machine if you delete it locally … it replaces the local file with a “placeholder”. You have to delete this to delete the remote file.

It also has something called selective sync that means I can select what files I want on my MacBook and take those with me when I travel.

Thanks for all the feedback and input folks , much appreciated . I move back to the UK from Seattle mid-July and that’s when I am going to get a new NAS and set up my workflow properly .Once I have it all working I will report back . thanks again

If you’re on windows, syncbackpro is the option to go for. I use it myself and have set it up to just copy over the new files from my music collection. If I delete something from my music-folder (which is watched by roon) it’s NOT deleted by syncbackpro on the ‘backup’ folder. You can choose to let it reside in the same place as it was or move it to a separate folder (then it’s easy to delete from there since it’s separated from the backup of your collection).
I’ve set up syncbackpro to do this around 03:00 at night every night.
Used this for around 6 years allready without any problems at all.

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