Keeping English even when OS is set otherwise


OS on my Macs and iPad are Dutch, @danny, as “technical” choices are easier for me to make in Dutch. However, I would really prefer to keep Roon in English, as English usually is shorter than Dutch. As long as this is an easy option, it’s fine with me.

🇳🇱 Unify Dutch Translation
(Danny Dulai) #2

This is possible. The first screens during on-boarding and the settings screen both have very prominent placement of the language switcher.


@danny is the translation effort linked to the “vertical scrol redesign” that you have planned for the future or will we still see it in the current interface?

(Danny Dulai) #4

translations are already in alpha builds :slight_smile:

they will come very soon!

(Rik Carter) #5

For a second there I thought this was a thread about keeping a stiff upper lip when IT woes strike…


I thought it was preparing Roon for a post-Brexit world.