Keeping Intel NUC BIOS updated? [really no need?]

About two months ago, I installed ROCK on a new Intel NUC7i7BNH.
My first step was to update the BIOS from v.0062 to 0067 (the latest at the time).
The subsequent installation was eventless and my system has been working reliably.
I just noticed that Intel updated the BIOS already three times since then (to v.0070).

Reading Intel’s “BIOS Update Release Notes” revealed that some desirable / potentially substantial fixes had been implemented:

  • Fixed the issue where the system can’t enter sleep mode after attaching a USB Type-C device.
  • Fixed the issue where you couldn’t update the BIOS via the power button menu option F7.
    and, for the first time since its inception, what they call
  • BIOS code improvements!!
    Whatever that means: restructuring, code optimizations, or just general “clean-up”, who knows besides Intel?
    Even though I am notoriously leery to BIOS updates on functional systems, this one I would like to do.

Did anybody on this forum already perform this particular update?
Does Intel’s BIOS update routine reset the BIOS to default?

Any advice is highly appreciated!!

Think my NUC’s same model has been running about a year on whatever bios it was back then and never been updated…no issues. I don’t think the USBC port is supported or at least for thunderbolt devices in ROCK

I updated mine back in June with no issue, but it probably didn’t need it.