Keeping music files on ROCK & NAS in Sync

Hi I have all my music files stored on an external SSD attached to my Rock. I also have backup copies of the music files on a Synology NAS.

I have three questions I am looking for help on please.

The backup copy on the NAS has got out of sync , not by much but i know things are missing. Is there an easy way to get them back in sync or do i need to do a full back up again (I have 2500 albums)

Having got them back in sync I want to use incremental backup to keep them in sync. Am i able to rip new CD’s to the SSD on the Rock and then use Incremental backup tools on the Synology ? If not how should I do it ?

Looking forward to the feedback and guidance and thanks in advance

If you have a PC and are happy to run a manual backup, I can recommend FreeFileSync which is, as the name suggests, free. I use an older version as the later ones gave me grief (likely my own fault).
Ashampoo Backup is inexpensive - around £15 - and that will automate things although you’ll obviously have to have the machine it’s running on up and running.
I imagine, though, that you want a Synology-based solution, so apologies for you reading this far!


I like GoodSync.

It’s paid - but has a decent GUI and runs on most things (including Synology I believe).

Yes, I also use GoodSync. Recommended for ease of use and because it doesn’t change file dates when it does the backup.

It’s not advised to rip directly to a Roon watched folder (premature execution of album identification, …) or do you use the built-in (into ROCK) CD ripping tool (that already takes care of things)?

I rip on a PC and copy to both Nas and rock shares.

Roon rips do not have titles or metadata until you export those files. So if you just copied the ripped files at the drive level, you would get a bunch of files that you could not identify.

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