Keeping the display alive!

Hi. I love roopiee for its display capability however it fails to work on a small 1080p display I have which is a shame.
All I really want is whats currently playing displayed. I can certainly achieve this by using a web browser but it fails to run for any length of time before it freezes. I suspect it has to do with chrome perhaps putting the page to sleep or something.

To complicate matters, I want the display to turn off after a while (its touch screen)

Really roopiee is the perfect solution for me, but it does not work with this screen.

I am trying out various kiosk softwares but by god they are all terrifically complicated.

Anyone any experience or thoughts on this?

The official Raspberry Pi 7” display works great with Ropieee.

Yes I know. The display I have is 5 inch 1080p

That being said I gave up so 3d printed a new chassis for the 7 inch: