Kef 50 Wired versus Wireless

I saw where KEF was selling KEF50s for $1200 and KEF 50Ws for $2400.

That’s quite a disparity for the “mere” convenience of wireless. Is this a bargain? Also, I’ve read some posts which suggest that build quality is or was a problem. Any updated experiences?

I own a pair of the wireless and have had zero issues with my usage. I don’t however use it as a true wireless speaker. Everything I do is Ethernet based. So no phone or tablet Bluetooth connections. I find the sound excellent for the size of the speaker. I also use a Rel subwoofer to round out the bottom end.

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John the LS50W have a built in DAC and AMP so there is a lot more in the wireless version. I own the LS50W and have had my pair since they first came out without any issues. I also owned the LS50 for a while and while I think they are awesome speakers I couldn’t get past the lack of powerful bass. I did add a sub to my LS50W and have it dialed way down so it just provides a little assist. My LS50W are in my office and as such don’t see much critical listening. Don’t forget that if you buy the LS50 you will need an amp to partner it with. The LS50W is standalone and a complete system. Hope that answers your question.

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Actually the LS50W is the bargain, as long as you don‘t own a very good Amp+DAC to wuich you want to hook up passive bookshelf speakers. In this case, the passive LS50 are a good choice. Otherwise it would be very difficult to beat the sound for money ratio of the LS50W.
I have them together with a REL T5 sub (great!) and no quality or network issues at all for almost 2 years