KEF LS 50 wireless I (Roon Tested)

Will the KEF LS 50 wireless continue to be supported by Roon?

Does Roon also recognise the KEF LS50 when reinstalled on a new core?


Hi @Peter_Hatzelmann,

I think you may be confusing Roon Tested with Roon Ready … it’s the latter that must be certified by Roon to be enabled (or a qualifying exemption granted).

As for continued support… I can’t foresee any reason there is a good relationship between KEF and Roon … as can be demonstrated …

Looking a the KEF site I can see further collaboration…

LS50 Wireless II has audiophiles covered with support for streaming music files up to 24bit/384kHz, as well as MQA, DSD256, and Roon Ready (coming soon).

Hope this helps with your decision making.

Hello Carl,
The KEF LS 50 Wireless I is Roon tested. My Roon core is recognizing the LS 50 wireless I. I consider to buy a second pair of LS 50 wireless I. I want to use it in my second home with a new core. Referring to the Roon announcement of September 21, to support only Roon ready devices furthermore, I am afraid that the new core won’t recognize the Roon-tested LS 50 wireless I. Roon essential I used before with an elac discovery never recognized the LS 50 wireless I.
Best regards

That’s not what the announcement said … there is now a restriction in that Roon Ready devices must be certified … but that has no bearing on Roon Tested devices … i.e. the KEF LS 50 Wireless I you are discussing here.

To satisfy yourself may I suggest you re-read that announcement to confirm this so you can set aside your concerns.

Roon Essentials, whilst sharing the Roon name is not Roon … Roon has greater connectivity and functionality… You a use Roon now so don’t worry about Roon Essentials.

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