KEF LS50 HDMI input for sound from my TV and find I am constantly turning up the volume to hear dailogue

Hi, off topic but I have been enjoying my LS50W II’s using Roon over Chromecast while we wait for full RAAT, but not found any other active forum of owners to share my question with!

I am using the HDMI input for sound from my TV and find I am constantly turning up the volume to hear dailogue and having to turn it down again for any action or music. Has anyone else faced the same issues? Any reccomendations of how to fix it? I have tried adjusting the settings in the Kef Connect app but no luck so far.

Apologies i know this is way off topic!

Hey Harry - so as not to go off-topic in here, could you PM me a screenshot of your EQ settings and describe the listening environment and speaker placement?

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I have a different problem. eARC is working fine, apart from sound cuts every now and then. Tried different cables, all the same.


i encounter the same „problem“. During tv usage the voices could be more clear …
And changes in the equalizer settings doesn‘t lead to any remarkable change in sound output.

An improvment was adding a subwoofer and setting it to 140Hz cross frequency.

But changes in higher frequencies … not hearable for me.

Hi @Ben_Hagens and others

Apologies as a new poster I was unable to PM you so I reached out to KEF support. They recommended reducing bass extension to “Less” and turning on “Wall Mode” in the app and reducing the slider to a point which the sound is more muted but reduces this issue when watching TV/Movies.

@ArndH Suggest you try this, and then when I want to listen to music I simply turn off the Wall Mode option.

I feel this issue is driven mostly by the speaker placement in my room but Wife won’t have me moving them further from the wall.


Hey Harry - I didn’t see this got split off from the main thread, and didn’t realise that there’s a ‘no PM’ period - damn, I must have been on here for so long now! I do this forum stuff ‘on-the-side’ so sometimes not super quick to catch stuff unless I get an email notification (like now, as your post has me tagged). Didn’t want the original thread to veer off topic (hand been lightly tapped about that before!)

That is the advice I give. It isn’t dynamic compression like night mode is, obviously, but low frequencies tend to be the biggest culprit. Wall mode is quite a wide shelving EQ if I remember correctly, so brings down all the affected frequencies evenly, so you keep the balance in the bass.

There will be an upcoming app update that will allow you to have multiple profiles with different settings, so that will be easier to apply, rather than editing each time.


No issues and thank you very much for spending your time helping out, much appreciated. The solution is working perfectly for now so thank you very much!

That update sounds ideal too

Thanks again