KEF LS50 mk2 "Second Wake-up Source"

Hi @Pet_M

I apologise, I’m not sure how I missed this. It seems some source devices don’t turn their optical signal off when put into standby, so the optical output is always transmitting something. Because of this, there would be no change to trigger LS50WII to come out of standby, hence why the unplugging/plugging back in triggers it - there is a change from no signal to signal.

I see that some of the Hifiberry digital products have coaxial digital output - if you happen to have a suitable cable, you could give that a try - if it doesn’t send out a constant ‘active’ signal, then wake-up should work fine. Plus you would be getting a 192/24 input this way, also.

Hi @Ben_Hagens

Thanks for your suggestion. I didn’t know that COAX is better than optical, anyway I have ordered a cable but I still have the same effect. the speaker does not turn on when I play music, but source is set to COAX. Any other suggestions?

Then that would suggest that the coax of the Hifiberry sends out some sort of signal constantly as well. If that’s the case, then there’s not really much I can suggest, I’m afraid.

Thanks @Ben_Hagens for the suggestions, you are right, the speaker does even not go to standby when using coax. in Optical it goes to standby what from my point of view is that the speaker recognises that the signal is different or no signal, but the logic to turn it on seems different. anyway I will try to research if there is something to configure on the hifiberry.

@Ben_Hagens I could solve the issue by configuring the -c option the pCP player that controls the hifiberry and switches of the source when nothing is played, so now it works as expected. Thanks again for the support. I really hope one day KEF will add the option to use the speaker without account like the LSX

That’s great! I’ve never used the Hifiberry myself, but I’m sure the info would be useful for those that do.

Was this power off issue resolved for you after recent firmware updates? For me this issue still exists on firmware 2.0 with eARC connection to a Samsung TV. The speakers do turn on and off, but after turning-off they turn back on within a minute, even though the TV stays off.

I returned the LS50-2’s about 6 months ago after waiting about 5 months for the “Coming Soon” Roon Ready to happen. I got lucky with being able to return them. I bailed because of the Roon issue, not the eARC issue. Hopefully someone else will chime in.

Good luck!