KEF LS50 & Roon. Lost control of audio device problems!

To a router or separate switch?

at the moment to separate switch.
“Lost control of audio device” doesn’t happen very often but it’s annoying.

Agreed, I currently run my LS50w’s over develo plugs and have not had any issues… so far

My Roon core (laptop) is now directly connected to the router so let’s see how we got on this time! Fingers crossed!

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it’s getting on my nerves…

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Hi guys,
Here’s an update on my situation…

Looks like the problem with the audio dropouts was the new gigabit TP Link powerline I purchased along with my laptop.
I switched back to an older powerline which I’d been using with my previous Bluesound streamer without issue and so far I haven’t had any dropouts at all.

However, before I could start relaxing and enjoying the music, my speakers have developed a fault and will now need to be sent back to my dealer.
The volume from the right speaker will reduce for about 5 seconds before reverting to normal again.
I’ve tried connecting them via USB, ethernet or wireless but the problem still persists.

Slightly annoying but hey ho.

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