KEF LS50 WII - connection LOST in roon

strange situation:

KEF LS50 WII (firmware 1.7) are working
2 days back: everything was fine:
KEF LS50 WII was working as roon ready

now - for some reason, which i do not understand:

KEF LS50 WII do not show up any more in the Audio Settings only system output is shown

the KEF LS50 WII are still working with the KEF connect App.

roon core is installed on macbook pro

any ideas what i can do? thanks for support

That is strange.

First things first is to double check the Mac is on the same network as LS50WII (which I know is likely, with this likely being a home setup, but never hurts to check).

Does LS50 Wireless II come up further down in Roon’s Audio section as a ‘via AirPlay’ choice, or Chromecast (if you’ve set it up with Google Home)?

thanks ben.

strange again - as by ghost hands - the speakers (+ airplay) are back again :slight_smile:
looks like a network issue …

let’s see if that is now sustainable …

Always the way it seems :joy: I wish WiFi was this magical thing that worked all the time.

Have a good weekend Ralf, hopefully filled with uninterrupted KEF/Roon goodness!

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