KEF LS50 WII direct wifi connection disappeared - No Roon/RAAT connection

I’ve had Roon Server on a Mac Mini (specs attached) for about a year with no problems. For some reason, this morning it no longer had my audio zones connected anymore. It asks me to select an audio zone with HQ Player being the only current, available option. (see attached) I am prepared to be flamed and ridiculed but I think I remember it previously showing 2 instances of the KEFs. One directly to the KEFs and another possible connection via “Airplay” and I had been told to use the direct connection and to not use the Airplay connection. (see attached) In addition, my “Signal path” is a color I don’t previously recall and states that it is high quality through Airplay streaming. There is no mention of Roon/RAAT. (see attached) Finally, the volume control no longer has an on/off switch for the KEFs. (see attached) I am certain that there used to be an on/off switch.I would swear that it didn’t say AirPlay streaming before. Am I mistaken? How do I get the direct ROON/RAAT connection back?
As always, a big Thank You for any advice and instructions. And if this is all a mistake on my part, fire away. But, there is no longer ANYTHING that says RAAT nor ROON.

No KEF on:off switch

This happens to me with the same speakers every once in a while. I have found that pulling the power plug and waiting 30 seconds before plugging it in always solves the problem. The speaker firmware is set to auto-update, and is therefore at the latest version.

Thank You Andrew, you nailed it. Silly of me not to try that ALWAYS as a first response. I had checked everything I could think of and had checked for firmware upgrade (and was told I was using latest version). Now I wish I had made a note of the firmware before to see if they indeed updated or if it was just the unplugging that did the trick.

Thanks again, you are my hero for the day.

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