KEF LS50 WII, KEF Music Integrity Engine, Roon Signal path

Hi newbie here,
Despite the KEF app being set at 70Hz (or anything) for the subwoofer High-pass frequency the Signal path on Roon always shows a KEF Music Integrity Engine High-pass frequency of 85Hz. Can this be explained?

Alan, in response to your post I looked at the Roon Signal Path and compared it with the settings on my KEF connect app. Lo and behold, they bear no resemblance. I have my high pass frequency set at 60Hz and the Roon path shows 70Hz. I also boost my treble by 0.75Db and the Roon path shows 1.5Db of boost. Changing the settings has no effect on what Roon displays. So what you set in the KEF connect app is not what you get in Roon. Or perhaps it is what you get and it is simply the display that is wrong. Who knows? Either way, the interface obviously needs attention.

Thanks Ben,
I will tell Roon and KEF that Roon READY isn’t completely READY yet.

For what I can see, the signal path has changed in the 2.5 firmware update (the interspeaker connection is now reflected at the end of the chain). In my case, changes to the speaker settings are no longer reflected in the Roon’s signal path – which is a bit of a problem.

Reporting to KEF support will gets this fixed eventually, no doubt.

@Ben_Hagens – just leaving a flag FYI.

I’ve had this problem too since the 2.5 firmware update. My signal path in Roon doesn’t represent the speaker settings in the KEF app. A very minor additional bug is that there is also 404 error when clicking the link to the speaker manual in the signal path, which used to work before 2.5.

In my case everything’s looks good, settings in KEF Connect are reflected in Roon’s signal path.

I can confirm the 404 error regarding the link to the manual.

When you make a few changes in the KEF app – are these reflected in the signal path?

No, I can change the EQ settings in the KEF app but they’re not shown in the Roon signal path. Just for completeness, any changes made in Roon are updated in the signal path. I’ve tried resetting the speakers and rebooting the Roon core but the problem persists.


youngy is right. Changes are not reflected in the signal path.

Yes – I can replicate. I’m afraid KEF will need to dig a little deeper with this update. Best course of action for now is to alert them via the KEF Connect app, I’d guess.

KEF LS50 WII firmware update 2.7