Kef LS50 Wireless 2 - Sample Rate Help

Howdy all,

I’m new to roon and I was looking at the signal path and noticed my speakers are showing -.001khz to 192khz in the sample rate conversion. These values stay the same is regardless of the source files or tidal stream.

I’ve test flac, tidal streams and multiple mp3s of various quality.

Any Ideas?

LS50WII will always resample based on the interspeaker connection - so if you’re in cable mode, everything will resample to 192kHz, if using the wireless mode it will resample to 96kHz. So assuming you’re in cable mode, that seems to be as intended.

The -0.001kHz thing is something I haven’t seen before though. Try rebooting your Roon core.

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Thanks for the reply, Ben. I tried restarting Roon but it is still the same. I might try uninstalling and reinstalling but this install is literally 3 days old, so I’m not sure if it will change anything.

I’m speaking with Kef support as well.

I follow up if I figure out the issue. I think it’s a bug in the reporting of Roon, because there isn’t any quality difference to my ear between playing directly from tidal via kefs app and playing tidal via Roon.

Howdy Ben and anyone facing similar problems as me.

After a lot of back and forth with KEF trying different things the fix ended up being unplugging the speakers and letting them sit for a min or so. After plugging them back in they started reporting correctly.

I feel like a fool for not checking this earlier but since everything was working as expected I assumed it was software related.

TLDR; Just unplug and plug back in your speakers and it should start reporting the correct information.

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Hello Ben
I just order LS 50 wireless 2. Do I be able setup ethernet or have to be wifi ? I like ethernet better, my ethernet switch 2 feet away from speakers. Just ordered 2 AQ ethernet cable. Thanks for help.

You can do Ethernet directly into your network, that’s absolutely fine.

I use Roon to upsampling DSD 256 but Kef convert everything to PCM 192kHz? How do I turn off Kef convert? Thanks Ben.

You can’t. The LS50WII will eat anything up to PCM384/DSD256, but resample everything to 192kHz (wired interspeaker link) or 96kHz (wireless interspeaker link) internally.

It makes little sense with these speakers to upsample to DSD256. I have played around a bit with Roon and HQPlayer doing the upsampling/resampling to PCM192 so the KEFs don’t have to, but did not find anything to get excited about. The LS50 appear to be doing a fine enough job by themselves.

Thank you very much.


Don’t worry and enjoy the speakers. I found that with a tiny bit of in-app EQ and the addition of a KC62 sub there’s very little left to wish for.

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