Kef ls50 wireless + intel NUC8i5BEH + rock does anyone have this set up and does it work well

Hi all new to roon.
I have bought a pair of kef ls50 wireless and have just bought a intel nuc NUC8i5BEH3 i5 8259U added 16gb ram 128gb ssd and a 2 TB HDD internal hard drive
I am planning to use rock on this only .
I just wanted to know if this was the best use of these items or is there anything I can buy to make it better.
I already have all my music in wav format on a 2TB WD MY BOOK LIVE
Which I used DBPOWERAMP CD RIPPER and was using the kef app buts its crap and ruins the whole thing.
Just wanted some advice on best use of these items I have
Thanks in advance stuart

WAV files might be a problem in roon.

Why would that be ?

Roon imports and identifies tracks based firstly in metadata. This is in a defined place in FLAC headers, not so defined in Wav files so roon depends on folder and file names as well. Results can be mixed.

I only have 12k tracks so not a massive library if I do need to rip them all again
Out of all of them there was only 10 cds missing info and artwork so should not be a problem.
I thought wav was always the best format to use if space is not a problem.
Regards Stuart

I use such a combination of NUC8i5 with the the Optane-SSD for the ROCK und a 2,5"-SSD as datastorage. My LS50W a driven from my mac (USB or LAN). Works now for nearly a year without issues.