KEF LS50 Wireless not recognized

Hi all,

my KEF LS50 Wireless are not recognized by Roon when I start them with Roon already running. I always have to restart Roon for them to show up as an output option. Is this normal or do I have to do something different?

Thanks for your support

How are you connecting to your Kefs? Are you referring to powering them up from standby or from a complete power off, I keep mine in standby and have not seen your issue even when they have been powered off, mine are connected via Ethernet.

Hi, thanks for your answer. The Kefs are connected wirelessly to the internet. I normally keep them on standby. I use it as a roon endpoint so there is no physical connection between my macbook and the speakers.

Is there any way you can try an Ethernet cable for testing purposes? You would not have to change anything on the Kefs, by the way I assume they are running the latest firmware?

They are running on the latest firmware indeed. I will have to see if I can find a cable that is long enough but I am not entirely sure I have one

Hello @Snow,

Can you confirm that you are not running any firewall software on your MacBook? Are you also able to provide some more details on your networking setup? What model router do you have, are there any extenders or switches installed as well?


Thanks John for your answer. For reason that I dont understand it started working again. I hope the issue has resolved itself. If it pops up again I would kindly ask for help again.

Thanks a lot!

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