KEF LS50 Wireless Roon setup help

Hey guys,
New on the HiFi scene.
I’ll keep it simple.

my current setup looks likes this 53 PM

But I want a set up like this
21 PM

How do I go about this???

I get the second signal path when I use the KEF over wireless as an endpoint. Just know that you cant group the KEF zone with other zones when using the KEF as an endpoint.

Make sure you have the latest firmware installed. Then Switch the KEF to wireless source and they will show up as an endpoint.

Sorted it out.
Thanks for the help!

One more question now just came up.
Using the Roon app on my iPhone over Wifi. When I close my laptop the music stops playing?
Can I not use the Roon app independently without my MacBook running?

The MacBook doesn’t need to be your Core, but you need a Roon Core running somewhere on your network.

More details here, and also here.

I’ll read up on it.